Historians and Historical Sources


Sounds of Blackness: Space and Sound Preservation as Oral History Advocacy in Anti-Gentrification Activism

Valerie Fendt review on Sounds of Blackness, “Telling Histories: Aurality in the Classroom and in the Streets”

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Rebecca McGilveray review on Sounds of Blackness, Dear Green Place: Gentrification and Displacement in Glasgow’s West End


Eunice Kim review on Sounds of Blackness, Sounds as Language, Language as Sounds

Image Description: In this photo, Nishani Frazier starts her presentation with music that is essential to the identities from her hometown. It captures one of the exciting moments from the workshop, in which Frazier enlightens her audience with captivating music and sounds to make a point of her presentation.


The FBI and the Mischaracterization of Bayard Rustin


David Garrow, Martin Luther King Jr., and Historical Hubris