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10 months ago
19 families buy nearly 97 acres of land in Georgia to create a city safe for Black people

GEORGIA- A NEW CITY: In 1974, my parents moved to North Carolina to live in Soul City.
As people are pushed further and further out of the city due to gentrification, the recreation of such spaces ... See more

"Welcome to Freedom!" exclaims real estate agent Ashley Scott as she surveys the nearly 97 acres of land that she and a group of 19 Black families purchased in August.

11 months ago
Calls For Racial Justice Spur Demand For Greater Economic Equity In Seattle

SEATTLE, WA- PROTEST: Protest has become a central component of challenging gentrification. The recent police brutality protests also reflect the larger issues associated with policing and ... See more

A movement to stop gentrification and spur economic development in Seattle's historically Black neighborhood is gaining momentum.

12 months ago
Pilsen Develops New Tools To Fight Gentrification

PILSEN, CHICAGO- RE-ZONING ZONING and REFRAMING AMI: Limiting development project size, ensuring housing developments holds 20% affordable homes for people within ... See more

In recent decades, the demographics of Pilsen have changed: the Latino population has declined, and the community has become attractive to developers. But Pilsen residents are developing new tools ... See more

12 months ago
Community Real Estate

MEDA in CALIFORNIA- REAL ESTATE PURCHASE: Mission Economic Development Agency purchases and/or develops real estate from ine Mission District in San Francisco to stabilize rent & housing in ... See more

Join in MEDA's community development work, as we rebuild the low-income and immigrant community of San Francisco's Mission District by 2020!

12 months ago
How Cities Are Keeping People in Their Homes

TENANT-PROTECTION & SAN FRANCISCO: Finally cities are coming up with ways to keep folks in their home or finding alternatives.

Tenant-protection policies are spreading across California in response to pandemic-related housing insecurity.

1 year ago
The housing policy that’s turning back gentrification

RIGHT-TO-PURCHASE, SAN-FRANCISO: "MEDA has emerged as a leader in an anti-gentrification effort, known as a “right-to-purchase” policy, where local nonprofits obtain residential buildings to ... See more

In the wake of COVID-19, some California cities are introducing tenant protections.

1 year ago
The Opposite Of Gentrification: 8 Community Development Lessons From Lawndale

CHICAGO- MORAL ECO DEV: Interesting discussion about the role of the church and economic development and challenging gentrification. It's a bit late, but better than never.

Learn eight lessons from Lawndale about the patient and persistent commitment to responsive community development.

1 year ago
Rethinking gentrification: How to become an agent of positive change in your community - Chicago Agent Magazine Cover Story

COMMUNITY INCLUSIVENESS, Chicago: Even while we face down a pandemic, gentrification keeps trucking along. Still there are others attempting to find solutions. So far, this is somewhat useful but not ... See more

With the cost to buy and own a home rising rapidly in Chicago, some residents see developers and real estate brokers as the enemy. But the true picture is much more nuanced than that.

1 year ago
Commentary: Gentrification Thrives Despite COVID-19 | Afro

OPPORTUNITY ZONES sped the advancement of gentrification and now we have a second attack which will act as the other leg to black housing displacement-- COVID19, which has disproportionately impacted ... See more

Home !Front Page Commentary: Gentrification Thrives Despite COVID-19 Commentary: Gentrification Thrives Despite COVID-19 #AFROCoronavirusUpdate By Special to the AFRO - April 7, 2020 1855 0 Facebook ... See more

1 year ago
Big Philly landlord to cash in on some holdings, as ‘opportunity zone’ designation boosts values

Philadelphia- Opportunityzone

Mark Nicoletti of PSDC anticipates earning about $100 million from the sales of the 44 properties throughout Philadelphia, which he’ll use to build new homes, offices and shopping promenades in the ... See more